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Retail Management

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    September 29, 2014

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Retail Management

Retail management is a separate concept of the business management in which the management process is associated with the retail stores. The main function of the retail management involves the oversight of the inventory and employees that are engaged in the business.  Beside of this, other management involves decision making process and strategy. The retail has become a wide area in the current business environment and its credit goes to the expansion of the internet retailing and marketing. In the past decades, the retail firms have increased their business at the great extent. It the cause, the importance of the retail management and manager is continuously increasing. The retail management is a specific application of business management. In the retail management, the business managers spend their important time to developing strategies and decision making. The retail manager also plays a role as the leader in the organization. The retail management is responsible for managing the inventory or stock in the store. Along with this, the retail management is also responsible for managing the human resource in the organization. It also develops and implements the training and development program to improve employees’ performance.

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