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Accounting and Finance

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    September 29, 2014

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Accounting and Finance

The subject of accounting treats money that means is to measure the economic performance of company instead of as factor of production. Financial accounting is a significant branch of the accounting that keeps managing the financial transaction of an organization. It is based on some special principles that are helpful to represent the financial statement of an organization effectively. The financial statements of a company are income statement, cash flow and balance sheet etc that represent the actual financial situation of the company front of its stakeholders. Generally, organizations represent their financial statements on a determined schedule. The financial statements are focused by external and internal stakeholder because they have significant relation with the organization. In the financial accounting, transactions are only considered that happened in the monetary terms. The transactions that cannot be expressed in monetary terms, they transactions are not showed in the financial accounting.  Financial accounting is a legal requirement of the business. So it is necessary to maintain the financial transaction for an organization.

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